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The new Boxster is the next chapter in the rich history of Porsche roadsters. Remaining true to our core principles of purity, performance and authenticity, we’ve redefined the Boxster in terms of its performance and design. Its mid-engine balance and low center of gravity deliver race car agility and a bond to the road that only a pure roadster can achieve. Its bold new form foreshadows the future of Porsche, but remains solidly planted in the roots of its iconic lineage.

Beyond engineering and design, the new Boxster inherited a spirit of freedom and independence. To celebrate, we've partnered with Men's Journal to send the 2013 Boxster on an incredible journey that embodies its spirit of freedom and discovery. The Spirited Escape Road Trip is about meeting interesting people whose unique passions provide escapes as immersive as the experience of driving the new Boxster.

Follow our journey as our host, Dhani Jones, takes the new Boxster down the East Coast. The former NFL Linebacker and host of Travel Channel’s “Dhani Tackles the Globe” will start in New York City and make his way to the Porsche Sport Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama. Watch the adventures unfold on Twitter at #BoxsterRoadTrip or through videos, photos and blog posts on http://www.porscheusa.com/boxster.

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