2012-03-05 |Heritage

The original Boxster concept (pictured) was seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 1993. Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show earlier that year, this concept... Read more

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2011-03-17 |Design|Motor show

Michael Mauer, head of design at Porsche, talks with Origin about the Cayman R and its development. In our exclusive interview, we also discuss the... Read more

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2011-03-07 |History|Motor show|Motorsport

111 years on, Porsche has recreated its first hybrid vehicle: Ferdinand Porsche's 1900 'Semper Vivus' ('always alive'). Achim Stejskal, Manager of... Read more

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2011-03-01 |Motor show

More photos from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The 918 RSR Hybrid is attracting a lot of attention - but there are also plenty of admirers around the... Read more

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2011-03-01 |efficiency|Hybrid|Motor show

Porsche presents the Panamera S Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show- accompanied by a replica of Ferdinand Porsche's Semper Vivus ("always alive"), a... Read more

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